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 It is commonly known that it is hard to visualize a room which can only be seen on a technical drawing. Of course, technical drawings are necessary during the stage of designing and determining the details but nothing is able to replace a photorealistic visualization. With the use of visualization software, one is able to easily change the concpet and quickly see the results without having to pay extra costs. This gives you a possibility to see if the current choices are suitable for your needs or if there is a necessity to change any of the furnishings, the color scheme of the interior or the lighting.

For the more demanding clients, in addition to a visualization of a scene in one specific view, we can create an animation, a panorama or a virtual tour of the whole apartment.

Because not evey manufacturer provides a library of the products that they offer, the visualization can slightly differ from the finished project. Upon request, we can create a model of any piece of furniture so that it can be used in the visualization.

Visit a virtual apartment - 3D tour  
        Click on a blinking hotspot to go into a selected room. In the left top corner of the visualization you will find a resizable plan of the apartment (you have to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it or minimize it). When you enlarge it, additional hotspots, as well as a radar next to the current vantage point, will appear on the plan. Click and drag your mouse on the radar to change the direction of the view or click on any hotspot on the plan to go into another room. To go back to the outside view, click on the hotspot on the front door in the hall or on the balcony door (the apartment plan).

The tour can be also viewed in a full screen mode. To switch to the full screen mode, click on the corresponding navigation button (second from right - the bottom of the visualization) - to turn off the full screen mode, click on the full screen mode button again or press the Esc key on your keyboard. Navigation through the tour is accomplished by the navigation buttons, the mouse cursor or the keyboard keys: arrow right, arrow left, arrow up, arrow down, A, Z.


                                                                                        iPad/iPhone compatible version

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