Virtual tours

The best way of presenting your company

Virtual tours and spherical panoramas are currently the most modern form of presenting your company on the Internet. They start to be used more often to showcase interesting places, tourist attractions, as well as commercial buildings. Wanting to meet the needs of those who are looking for an innovative tool of promotion, we offer to create all of the above-mentioned presentations.

All of spherical panoramas can be created with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique, which allows the photographs to faithfully reflect details in dark spots, as well as bright spots. HDR comes in handy when it comes to panoramas of the interior of buildings, as they are usually unevenly lightened.

We offer to:

- shoot and edit 360° spherical panoramas *) of locations selected by the customer
- combine already made panoramas into virtual tours
- enhance panoramas and virtual tours with additional features
*) we can also create cubic, partial and gigapixel panoramas

Additional features: 

- narration
- media players
- animations
- building plans and blueprints
- maps integrated with OpenStreetMap or Bing Maps
- radars
- hotspots
- dropdown lists of panoramas

 Every offer is individually prepared for each client so that it is adjusted to one's needs as much as possible. In addition to the number of panoramas, the price of the order depends on the location, the lead time and the additional features.
What enables us to offer high quality services is our out-of-the-box thinking and professionalism aimed at every client's needs, as well as modern equipment and acquired experience.


 Partial panorama - 156.917.660 pixels

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