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You use InteriCAD? Publish a panorama on your website!

We have great news for every user of InteriCAD software. We have prepared a special offer which will allow you to enhance the functionality of your software and easily publish your panoramas on the internet. After registering, you will be able to download InteriPano software - a quick panorama converter, and open an individual user account with an administrator panel. Depending on the type of the account, you can do the following with the uploaded panoramas:

Additionally, under every panorama in the main gallery, there will be a link to an individual portfolio containing of user's own gallery and contact information.

Types of the accounts and display options:

 InteriPano software converts panoramas to be compatible with Flash technology and HTML5 (no Flash support necessary) and be displayed on the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
Additionally, on iPads and iPhones, due to gyroscope and accelerometer support, navigation can be accomplished by moving the device.

Upon request, we can create a dedicated panorama, which will be more advanced than a regular one (VISUALIZATIONS in the top menu). All dedicated panoramas and virtual tours can be published on any website, as well as viewed offline (no such option for panoramas converted with InteriPano software). With dedicated panoramas and virtual tours, there is also no limitation on a maximum display resolution.
To ensure copyright protection, every panorama which is intended to be put on a CD/DVD or a different website can be restricted to be displayed only on a certain domain or a group of domains. For even further protection, we can restrict it to be displayed on a certain date or put your company logo or your contact details on it.

If you are interested in ordering a dedicated panorama, please contact us in order to determine the scope, the lead time and the price of the job.


Sample panorama generated with InteriPano software
(created with promotional materials from


How does it work?


InteriPano software features:

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