Your best virtual tours

Spherical panoramas are an interesting way of presenting a certain location. Placing interactive areas (hotspots) on a panorama allows you to move around different panoramas, as well as play media files and Flash animations, display graphics, etc. It gives you huge possibilities of showcasing your company and its offer.

The techniques used in the process of creating spherical panoramas or virtual tours, both of which are made of photographs, can also be successfully applied to virtual reality scenes. With photorealistic rendering, it gives you invaluable possibilities of interactive visualization for rooms and buildings that you want to design.

Especially for the useres of InteriCAD software, we have prepared the InteriCAD Zone, where registered users can showcase their own projects in the form of single 360° panoramas or virtual tours. In order to provide you with a tool to publish your panoramas on the Internet, we have created InteriPano software, available for download in the process of creating an individual user account.

  We can offer you 360° spherical panoramas or virtual tours consisting of an unlimited number of panoramas. Virtual tours can be enhanced with plans, maps or radars, as well as personalized according to your needs.


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